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    In order to be successful in 2020, we need to start now! Would you please consider joining us?

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  • signed John Gregg Can Win with Your Help 2016-05-19 12:35:56 -0400

    John Gregg can win with your help!

    A new poll has come out to tell us what we already knew: this race is winnable. 

    • Governor Pence has a negative job rating, with 40% approval and 42% disapproval.
    • Independents are breaking for John Gregg by a 37% to 31% margin with 22% undecided.  It is notable that independents are voting for Donald Trump by an 11-point margin and Todd Young by a 16-point margin, yet deviate on the gubernatorial ballot.
    • Independent voters under age 45, overwhelmingly disapprove of Pence’s performance (31% approve – 54% disapprove).
    • Mike Pence is up just 4 points (40% – 36%) over John Gregg (with a 4% percent margin of error and a very large sampling of Republicans:12 percent more of the respondents identifying themselves as GOP voters rather than from other parties.

     But John needs your help. Add your name to a list of his supporters.

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  • signed Thank you Kokomo City Council! 2016-03-07 16:08:57 -0500

    Thank you Kokomo City Council!

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    Thank you to the courageous members of the Kokomo City Council for stepping up for our LGBT citizens. Steve Whikehart, Bob Hayes, Mike Kennedy, Donnie Haworth, and Janie Young. You too can thank them by signing your name to the card that we will deliver to the Council members.

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  • signed I Support LGBT rights 2016-02-23 14:55:19 -0500

    I Support LGBT rights

    216 signatures

    Kokomo Common Council will be discussing an amendment to Kokomo’s human rights municipal code to include LGBT protections. As it currently stands you can be fired for no other reason than being gay! The ordinance passed on first reading with a 5-4 vote. In order for it to become law it must pass one more time.

    Kokomo is very close to ensuring equal rights for everyone. Now is the time to join together and make sure this passes. Add your name in support of equal rights for everyone.

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  • signed KevinSummers 2015-10-14 20:09:50 -0400

    GOP Kokomo City Councilman Kevin Summers Switches Parties, Cites Bold Democratic Policies, openness as reasons.

    Kokomo City Council member at Large Kevin Summers announced today that he is leaving the Republican Party and joining the Democratic Party. Councilman Summers is a former Kokomo School Board member and has twice been elected as an At-Large City Council member. 

    "I have always worked to put the community first," said Summers. "I take my oath as a public servant very seriously, and it is because of that principle that I must switch to the Democratic Party."

    "I value openness, dialogue, and a focus on solutions to continue Kokomo's growth. The Kokomo City Council has worked with Mayor Goodnight to revive our City. We have experienced new growth, a declining unemployment rate, record levels of new investment, and a growing population. I am proud of my record of standing with this administration and my fellow councilmembers to help make these things happen. 

    The Democratic Party has been very welcoming. The Democratic Party, and its elected officials, encourage debate and discussion and  do not operate under the "my way or the highway approach" of the local Republican Party. In the end, the Howard County Republican Party's constant nastiness, name calling,and negativity became too much. I am proud of Kokomo. I want Kokomo and Howard County to continue to grow and succeed. That's why I'm joining the Democratic Party, because they share those same values and goals. Though this decision may politically hurt me with some of my former colleagues, it the right thing to do. We are pursuing sound policies, and partisan differences shouldn't get in the way of progress."

    "We welcome Councilman Summers with open arms," said David Tharp, Chairman of the Howard County Democratic Party. "Kevin is a consummate public servant, and this decision reflects his dedication to Kokomo and Howard County. Councilman Summers shares our values, our goals, and our passion for strong, yet civil, public debate. I'm proud to call him a Democrat."

    83 signatures

    Welcome Kevin to party by signing the card.

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  • signed Attack Ads 2015-10-07 11:35:50 -0400

    Stop the attack ads!

    Don't let Mrs. Lake's attack ads define this campaign. Sign the petition asking Mrs. Lake to stop the negative ads.

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    We the undersigned ask Candidate for Mayor, Martha Lake, to stop the negative attack ads on Mayor Greg Goodnight and to pledge to run a campaign on the issues.

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  • signed up on "Fire Mike Pence" Yard Sign 2015-08-24 13:55:27 -0400

    "Fire Mike Pence" Yard Sign

    You've wanted them, so we got them. For a limited time only we will be selling the famous "Fire Mike Pence" Yard Signs. They will be $10 each. The signs are made from heavy duty plastic and will last well into 2016. We can only guarantee you a sign if you pay online. Order yours today!

    If you would rather pay with cash or check please fill out the form and for one week, we will set aside a sign for you. You must pick it up within that time frame.

    Please note that we will NOT be shipping the signs. They will need to be picked up at Howard County Democratic Headquarters (341 N Main St) Office hours are 10am-7pm Monday-Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm.

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    We're working to build a better community. Join us.

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  • Mayor Greg Goodnight receives major labor endorsement.

    Howard-Tipton Central Labor Council Endorses Mayor Greg Goodnight

    The Howard-Tipton Central Labor Council has officially endorsed Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight's reelection bid. The CLC cited Goodnight's track record of improving the lives of local working families and prudent fiscal stewardship during their announcement.

    "Mayor Goodnight always puts working families first," said Howard-Tipton CLC Vice President Don Frederickson. "Goodnight has shown tremendous leadership in building a better Kokomo, protecting local taxpayers, and making our community a great place to live. He has transformed Kokomo, and we are proud to support him."

    "I am very grateful to the CLC and their membership for their support," said Mayor Greg Goodnight. "Kokomo is moving in the right direction. With nearly $2.5 billion in private investment since 2009, a growing population, and vibrant, safe neighborhoods, Kokomo is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. With the support of organizations like the CLC, we will continue our city's progress."

    The Howard-Tipton CLC represents over 1000 workers and 10 local unions. It serves as the local affiliated chapter of the national AFL-CIO.



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