Your guide to voting in the 2019 Primary Election.

Anyone registered can vote in the 2019 Primary Election.

Election Day is May 7th from 6 am to 6 pm.

Early Voting Starts April 9th at the Government Center Downtown and Expanded Early Voting begins April 27th.


In order to cast your vote you must be:

Registered- Check your status here.

Bring a state-issued photo ID that has an expiration date.

Qualified IDs include: 


Vote Centers

You now can vote at any of the 13 new Vote Center locations. You no longer are assigned a single location. You can choose one that best works for you.

The 13 locations are listed below.

  • **Carver Center - 1030 N Purdum 

  • Eastern High School Performing Arts Center - 421 S Harrison, Greentown
  • First Assembly Church of God - 1520 N Apperson Way
  • Good Shepherd Church - 121 Santa Fe Blvd.

  • *Indiana Wesleyan University - 1916 E Markland

  • **UAW 685 - 929 E Hoffer St
  • Kokomo High School - 2501 S Berkley

  • Maple Crest Middle School - 300 W Lincoln

  • **Russiaville Lions Club - 555 N Liberty St

  • Kokomo Senior Citizens Center - 721 W Superior

  • South Branch Library - 1755 E Center Rd

  • **Titan Annex Facility (Taylor High School) - 3749 East 300 South

  • Oakbrook Church - 3409 East 300 South

Early Voting

You can early vote Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm beginning April 9 by going to the Howard County Government Center. 120 E Mulberry St, Kokomo, IN 46901

* You can vote here on April 27 from 8 am to 3 pm and every day including weekends from 10 am to 7 pm beginning April 30th and ending May 5th.

**You can vote here every day including weekends from noon to 7 pm beginning April 30th and ending May 5th.

You WILL need to bring a State Issued Photo ID.

RELEASE: HCDP Statement on Trump Selecting Gov. Pence as His Running Mate


July 14, 2016 
Nolan Born


Howard County Democratic Party issues Statement on Mike Pence Selection as Trumps VP Pick. 

Howard County Democratic Party Executive Director Nolan Born today released this statement on the Donald Trump’s likely selection of Mike Pence as VP:

“It no surprise that serial sexist and racist Donald Trump has selected far right wing ideologue Mike Pence as his running mate” says Born. “Indiana Republicans were desperate for Trump to take him away because of his abysmal record and the mess he created here in Indiana."

The race for Governor has always been about how John Gregg is the right choice for Indiana.

“The race for Governor has never been just about Mike Pence.” says Born. “This race has been and will continue to be about John Gregg’s vision for Indiana, and who is the most skilled and knowledgeable person to get Indiana out of the mess it's been in for the past four years. Strengthening our economy while creating jobs with a livable wage. Ensuring every Hoosier has access to an affordable, high quality education, and fixing Indiana’s crumbling infrastructure. The voters still have same choice to make. Who knows who the Republican elites in Indianapolis will pick for their new nominee, but rest assured they will continue to push the same far right agenda they have been for years. No matter who the Republican choose as their nominee, the choice remains the same: Are we going to be a state that is growing and prospering in a way that benefits all Hoosiers, or will we continue to only care about the divisive social issues and the privileged few?”

The Howard County Democratic Party meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM at the Party's headquarters, 341 North Main St., Kokomo. Monthly Party meetings are open to all Democratic Party supporters. Supporters can also "like" the Howard County Democratic Party on facebook, follow the Party on twitter @HowardCoDems, or visit the Party’s website

Cracked, But Not Yet Shattered


As you may have heard The Howard County Democratic Party has brought on interns for the Summer. These interns are critical to the success of the Party. However, often qualified applicants aren't able to join our team because of financial reasons. So when the Party told us of their plan to pay interns a monthly stipend, we wanted to help out.

Already this has been a historic year with a woman as the leading candidate for a major Party. The glass ceiling has been cracked, but not yet shattered.Nearly every study shows that women are much less likely to even consider running for office than men. We must do more to encourage young women to get involved in the political process. That is why the Women's Committee will be sponsoring young women with an interest in getting involved in their community. We are already sponsoring one intern and hope to be able to sponsor more. But we'll need your help.

Help us sponsor more young women by making a contribution of $25 or more today!

In its second year, the HCDP internship program provides interns with an in-depth look at the campaign process. Interns complete 20 hours a week and are able to see nearly every aspect of a campaign. The more interns we are able to sponsor, the more efficient the Party will be and the more likely we will be able to reach our goals.

Can you help make your Party better, elect great Democrats while allowing young women to learn valuable skills that they can use for years to come? Make a contribution of 25 dollars today -- Click Here

Kathy Skiles
Howard County Democratic Party Women's Committee

The Value of Political Participation

My name is Katy Volikas and I am a Political Science major with an International concentration at Ball State University. I began my internship with the Howard County Democratic Party in the beginning of May and have already reaped the benefits.

I have been exposed to what goes on behind the scenes of an election. I’ve used the databases and created documents for volunteers to utilize during the campaigning. Every task I have completed are things that are not mentioned on my exams, but are just as important. The votes would not be secured without the research and data entry that happen on a day-to-day basis at headquarters.

Throughout my internship, I have been able to see the theories and concepts I have learned in class actualized. But I have also gone beyond the textbook definitions and have begun to see the importance of political participation.

Campaigns could not operate without the interest of the public. From volunteering to voting, no change to the current system could happen without participation. The value of participation comes from the reality that you can directly affect the laws that impact your daily quality of life. This value is realized even more so at the local level. We have the ability to choose who represents us at the State House or who will hear our court cases at the county level. A greater sense of community is achieved when you help build it.

President Clinton is Coming to Kokomo!

President Clinton is coming to Kokomo! 

Bill Clinton will be making a stop at our Pancake Breakfast this Saturday. 

Here are the details for the breakfast again:

  • Saturday, April 30th from 7:30am to 11:30am
  • UAW 685, 929 E Hoffer St. Kokomo.
  • Tickets are 10 dollars each with kids 5 and under free.

We encourage you to purchase your tickets online here, We can not guarantee that tickets will be available at the door. You will need to purchase a ticket to get in.

Once there you can enjoy some delicious pancakes and then see our 42nd President! We don’t know the exact time President Clinton will be arriving, so you are welcome to enjoy your breakfast and wait. 


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