The Value of Political Participation

My name is Katy Volikas and I am a Political Science major with an International concentration at Ball State University. I began my internship with the Howard County Democratic Party in the beginning of May and have already reaped the benefits.

I have been exposed to what goes on behind the scenes of an election. I’ve used the databases and created documents for volunteers to utilize during the campaigning. Every task I have completed are things that are not mentioned on my exams, but are just as important. The votes would not be secured without the research and data entry that happen on a day-to-day basis at headquarters.

Throughout my internship, I have been able to see the theories and concepts I have learned in class actualized. But I have also gone beyond the textbook definitions and have begun to see the importance of political participation.

Campaigns could not operate without the interest of the public. From volunteering to voting, no change to the current system could happen without participation. The value of participation comes from the reality that you can directly affect the laws that impact your daily quality of life. This value is realized even more so at the local level. We have the ability to choose who represents us at the State House or who will hear our court cases at the county level. A greater sense of community is achieved when you help build it.

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