Steve Daily elected HCDP Vice-Chairman

Get to know the Howard County Democratic Vice Chairperson Steve Daily!

Steve grew up on a farm in Howard County and has stayed close to the farm all of his life. He worked at Continental Steel to save up enough money for college. Steve was drafted in 1966. When he returned from his tour in Vietnam with the US Army he went to Indiana University Kokomo for his Bachelor's of Science in English Education. Steve then taught at Haworth High School from 1972-1980.

In 1975 Steve was elected to the Kokomo City Council. In 1979 Daily was elected Mayor of Kokomo, where he served 8 years.Steve then left to run for Governor and was soundly beaten by Evan Bayh in the Primary.

In June of 1988 Daily was hired by Indiana University Kokomo as Vice Chancellor of External Relations. His primary responsibilities were government/community relations and fundraising.

In 1995 Steve was hired by Ivy Tech and spent 20 years as Chancellor of the Kokomo Region. After retiring in 2015 Steve started farming full time. He has a 130 acre Organic crops and animal farm called Thistle Rock Farms that he operates with his partner of 10 years, Michelle Martin.

Steve has been active in the Democratic Party behind the scenes for many years. “I know I have not been visible for a number of years, but I have always supported our candidates. That’s not all that I want to do going forward. I am ready to be present, fundraise and recruit candidates.”

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