Representative Karrickhoff puts big corporations' interests over taxpayers

Howard County Democratic Party
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March 1, 2016

Representative Mike Karickhoff says no to penalizing companies like Carrier who take advantage of taxpayers, only to ship jobs out of the Country. 

When given the opportunity to penalize companies like Carrier who take advantage of taxpayers, only to later ship jobs out of the country, Representative Mike Karickhoff said no.

In February, United Technologies announced it would be closing two Indiana Carrier plants and move those operations to Mexico, a move that would put some 2,100 Hoosiers out of work. This is after they have received millions in taxpayer-funded assistance. Today's vote was a chance to take back some of that assistance. Representative Karickhoff voted no.

"Representative Karickhoff has put the interests of greedy companies like Carrier ahead of the taxpayers he is supposed to represent," says Howard County Democratic Party Chairman David Tharp. "Instead of standing with the thousands of workers and communities that lost these good paying jobs, Karickhoff chose to vote in favor of a multinational corporation to use your tax dollars to ship jobs out of Indiana. The vote was not along party lines, it had widespread support in both parties. This illustrates just how out of touch Karickhoff is with Hoosiers. Howard County and the rest of District 30 needs a representative that will actually protect our interests and our tax dollars. That person is Natalie Guest.”

For more information on the amendment and what it will do you can go here.


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