Proud to Say I'm From Kokomo

Prior to my senior year of high school, I never paid much attention to local politics. I knew there was change occurring within the city, but beyond that I couldn’t give any details. However, this all changed when I was selected to go to China with Mayor Greg Goodnight in October 2013.  I was the student representative for the mayor’s delegation to Kokomo’s sister city, Dongyang, China.

Before this trip, I never had any interactions with the mayor, but after spending a week with him; I realized that we have great leadership in Kokomo. Now I am aware of all the progress the city has made since Mayor Goodnight first began his tenure as mayor in 2008. I am proud to say I was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. This November Mayor Greg Goodnight is up for re-election.

Another person included in the delegation to China that I have become well acquainted with is Steve Whikehart. At the time he was working as the City of Kokomo’s Director of Development. Steve has since gone back to working at Ivy Tech and is the program chair of the Education program in the School of Education at Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Region. Education and helping people is Steve’s passion. Steve is a Kokomo native like myself he possesses so much pride for his hometown. This November Steve Whikehart is running for an at large seat on the Kokomo Common Council.

Since that first trip I have graduated from Kokomo High School and am now attending Indiana University Kokomo. I am majoring in History and Political Science and minoring in Business. In the past year while pursuing my degree, I was working as an international intern for the Kokomo School Corporation’s International Baccalaureate program. In this role I have visited close to twenty countries. I have been to some of the world’s most famous cities, however none have been as great as Kokomo, Indiana.  Here in Kokomo, we have a great quality of life and standard of living. With the proper leadership, these can only get better. I intend to stay in Kokomo, become more involved in the affairs of the community, and keep Kokomo moving forward. For this reason, I am working as an intern for the Howard County Democratic Party.

This November we have a chance to re-elect the mayor and our Democratic members of the city council and keep Kokomo moving forward. I, Craig Simon, believe in the vision the Mayor Goodnight and the Common Council have for the City of Kokomo, which is why I will be voting for Greg Goodnight, Steve Whikehart, Bob Hayes, and Mike Kennedy. I know you will too.

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