Natalie Guest announces candidacy for State Representative.

Yesterday Natalie Guest filed her paperwork and officially announced her candidacy for Indiana State Representative in District 30.

Guest, an educator, will make teacher retention and recruitment a major issue in her campaign.

“The number of first-time teacher licenses in Indiana has decreased by nearly 20 percent in the past five years. With the current climate created by the state legislature, schools have struggled to staff their classrooms with qualified teachers. Providing quality education for Hoosier students is vital to the growth of Indiana. Making sure we are attracting talented and passionate teachers is critical to the long term success of our public schools. That is why if elected I will work with Superintendent Ritz in her efforts to encourage more young people to become educators and to protect those who are already serving our community as teachers.”


After years of a State Government that would rather focus on divisive social issues instead of what really matters, Guest will help bring us back to common sense issues: Jobs and Education.

“Mike Pence and the Republican lead Statehouse have embarrassed our state, time and again. This has lead to the perception that Indiana is unwelcoming and not a good place to do business. We must work to change this. The first step is to add four words, and a comma to Indiana’s Civil Rights Law. This will ensure ALL Hoosiers are granted equal rights. After we do this, we should move on to what REALLY matters to Hoosiers: creating jobs with a living wage and ensuring our kids are getting the highest level of education. It’s just common sense.”

“In the last couple weeks, I’ve been talking with folks in the community. This has given me hope that District 30 is ready for change, growth, and fresh new leadership. I’m excited to get started.”


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