Unemployment in Kokomo at it's lowest since 2000

Great news out of City Hall today. Mayor Goodnight announced that unemployment has dropped yet again, bringing the jobless rate in Kokomo to its lowest in 15 years! With private business continuing to locate in Kokomo, more and more opportunities are out there for job seekers. The trend Mayor Goodnight has set is not news. Last year Kokomo was ranked among the best place for job seekers, and the city was listed as a "America's Most Affordable City".

The decrease in unemployment rate is a clear sign that the policies of Mayor Goodnight are working. The Mayor has been able to work closely with the private sector to bring new development and investments that job seekers and the employers seeking their skills.

With unemployment declining and population increasing we all can be proud of our city.

But we can't quit now. There is a lot more work to do. Join your neighbors in pledging to vote this November.


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