John Gregg can win with your help!

A new poll has come out to tell us what we already knew: this race is winnable. 

  • Governor Pence has a negative job rating, with 40% approval and 42% disapproval.
  • Independents are breaking for John Gregg by a 37% to 31% margin with 22% undecided.  It is notable that independents are voting for Donald Trump by an 11-point margin and Todd Young by a 16-point margin, yet deviate on the gubernatorial ballot.
  • Independent voters under age 45, overwhelmingly disapprove of Pence’s performance (31% approve – 54% disapprove).
  • Mike Pence is up just 4 points (40% – 36%) over John Gregg (with a 4% percent margin of error and a very large sampling of Republicans:12 percent more of the respondents identifying themselves as GOP voters rather than from other parties.

 But John needs your help. Add your name to a list of his supporters.

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