Joe Ewing announces candidacy for Howard County Commissioner

To the residents of Howard County:

My name is Joe Ewing, and I am announcing my candidacy for the office of Howard County Commissioner. I am also expressly asking for your vote in support of my election to serve you and our fellow citizens.

I am running for Commissioner because residents deserve a transparent and efficient county government, and unfortunately, county government is failing in achieving that goal. In order for our community to thrive, Howard County must step up and focus on creating a better quality of life for residents, and focus on tackling County Government's bloated bureaucracy.

My history of responsible and progressive stewardship as Street Commissioner for the City of Kokomo will help to advance these goals.

I have served the community as street commissioner under three mayors, Democrat and Republican alike. I understand that politics sometimes cannot be separated from government operations, but I know when the politics must be set aside in order to provide the expected services to the citizens of Howard County. Too often, this is not the case in county government. As Howard County Commissioner, I will ensure that the needs of the people come before any agenda and certainly before the desires of the governmental unit.

This is my promise I offer in exchange for your support and vote. I will work hard for you first. I will seek to serve you and your family so that county government is not a burden to your way of life. I will demand that  Howard County government invest in you and in the community today and in the future.

I care about these things because I have been a resident of Howard County all of my life. I married my wife, Anita, 42 years ago, and together we chose Howard County as our home and the place where we raised our three sons -- Scott, Chad, and Dwayne. I am a proud husband, father, and grandfather. My family is my priority, as I am certain your family is to you.

I invested in the youth of this community long before I sought government service. I am a past president and coach of little league baseball and youth basketball leagues. I was committed then to teaching young people the value of a strong work ethic, of teamwork, and of personal responsibility, and I continue to promote these values -- the values we surely share -- with the many employees under my direction at the City of Kokomo Street Department.

As Howard County Commissioner, I will bring a unique skill set to the office. Our local infrastructure is one of our most important assets. Our roads and bridges enable our community to prosper. However, funding for these necessary assets is not what it should be if we hope to maintain and enhance our local economy. I have extensive experience in utilizing taxpayer dollars to achieve the best possible outcome for our infrastructure, managing annual budgets in excess of $14 million. That experience will translate easily to effective and efficient government operation for Howard County.

As street commissioner, I have managed by department in such a way that we have finished each year under budget. I have done this while ensuring that our roads and streets are clear of snow and ice, that our refuse is picked up in a professional and timely manner, and that the many trees that beautify our community live healthy lives and do not pose a threat to your property or your health. In short, I help provide the services you need, and I do it in a way that doesn’t place you under a financial burden.

I am certified through Purdue University’s Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) as a Master Road Builder in the following areas: Leadership, Traffic Control Devices, Drainage, Road and Bridge Planning, Bridges, Winter Maintenance Management, Roadway Safety, Snow and Ice Control, Emergency Preparedness, Budgeting, Estimating Construction Cost, Public Purchasing, and Construction. I am also National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant.

As Street Commissioner, I designed the street department’s brine tank that is used to extend the use of street salt in the winter, saving taxpayer money. In November 2013, I oversaw the clean-up of tornado debris after having our facility sustain a direct hit from the tornado. No difficulty or disaster will prevent me from serving you as Howard County Commissioner.

Please contact me with questions and input regarding my candidacy for this critically important administrative position. Be assured that my word is my bond, and my bond is with all good citizens of our great county. I look forward to working with you and serving you as we help make Howard County a safer and more prosperous community.

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