Dr. Jacquelyn Thomas-Miller announces candidacy for Howard County Auditor

Dr. Thomas-Miller, passionate community servant and educational leader looks to bring her decades of experience to the Auditor's Office.

“I look forward to bringing my skill set to the office. Over the last few months I’ve been exploring how to best serve my community. This search has lead me to the Auditor’s race. After taking a close look at the duties and responsibilities of the office and the direction I believe it should go, I have come to the conclusion that I’m well suited for the job. That is why, with excitement and humility I officially announce my candidacy for Howard County Auditor.”

Dr. Thomas-Miller highlights why she is well suited for the Auditor’s office.

I am confident that my professional experience and community affiliations have prepared me for the responsibilities of the office. My passion to be of service to others is what guided me throughout my 30 plus years as an educator and is what compelled me to be active in my community.”

With her combination of experience and innovation thinking, Dr. Thomas-Miller can fulfill the duties of Auditor while looking for new solutions to our most pressing challenges.


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