Cracked, But Not Yet Shattered


As you may have heard The Howard County Democratic Party has brought on interns for the Summer. These interns are critical to the success of the Party. However, often qualified applicants aren't able to join our team because of financial reasons. So when the Party told us of their plan to pay interns a monthly stipend, we wanted to help out.

Already this has been a historic year with a woman as the leading candidate for a major Party. The glass ceiling has been cracked, but not yet shattered.Nearly every study shows that women are much less likely to even consider running for office than men. We must do more to encourage young women to get involved in the political process. That is why the Women's Committee will be sponsoring young women with an interest in getting involved in their community. We are already sponsoring one intern and hope to be able to sponsor more. But we'll need your help.

Help us sponsor more young women by making a contribution of $25 or more today!

In its second year, the HCDP internship program provides interns with an in-depth look at the campaign process. Interns complete 20 hours a week and are able to see nearly every aspect of a campaign. The more interns we are able to sponsor, the more efficient the Party will be and the more likely we will be able to reach our goals.

Can you help make your Party better, elect great Democrats while allowing young women to learn valuable skills that they can use for years to come? Make a contribution of 25 dollars today -- Click Here

Kathy Skiles
Howard County Democratic Party Women's Committee

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