RELEASE: HCDP Statement on Trump Selecting Gov. Pence as His Running Mate


July 14, 2016 
Nolan Born


Howard County Democratic Party issues Statement on Mike Pence Selection as Trumps VP Pick. 

Howard County Democratic Party Executive Director Nolan Born today released this statement on the Donald Trump’s likely selection of Mike Pence as VP:

“It no surprise that serial sexist and racist Donald Trump has selected far right wing ideologue Mike Pence as his running mate” says Born. “Indiana Republicans were desperate for Trump to take him away because of his abysmal record and the mess he created here in Indiana."

The race for Governor has always been about how John Gregg is the right choice for Indiana.

“The race for Governor has never been just about Mike Pence.” says Born. “This race has been and will continue to be about John Gregg’s vision for Indiana, and who is the most skilled and knowledgeable person to get Indiana out of the mess it's been in for the past four years. Strengthening our economy while creating jobs with a livable wage. Ensuring every Hoosier has access to an affordable, high quality education, and fixing Indiana’s crumbling infrastructure. The voters still have same choice to make. Who knows who the Republican elites in Indianapolis will pick for their new nominee, but rest assured they will continue to push the same far right agenda they have been for years. No matter who the Republican choose as their nominee, the choice remains the same: Are we going to be a state that is growing and prospering in a way that benefits all Hoosiers, or will we continue to only care about the divisive social issues and the privileged few?”

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  • Greg Jones
    commented 2016-07-15 18:51:16 -0400
    What abyssal record and mess. Is it that Indiana has…

    1. 11.6M in state debt reduction
    2. No new State debt
    3. A significant reserve for an emergency
    4. Simplification of tax code
    5. Incentives to invest in Indiana
    6. 100k new jobs in the state
    7. Ranked #1 in the Midwest for business
    8. Invested 84M in regional cities for growth
    9. 16B invested in education
    10. 20M for p-k education pilot program.
    11. 20M for charter schools
    12. 70M for teacher performance (aka pay raises)
    13. 48M for technical and career education
    14. 63M for adult education
    15. Expanded state provided medical to low income families
    16. Made it easier for doctors to volunteer to help those who can not afford services.
    17. Tried to prevent lawsuits against those standing for their beliefs.

    Sounds like Mike Pence did a bang up job.


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