Gregory Steel for County Council



The county council needs to represent all the people of Howard County.

I am a Marine Veteran from a working-class family. I worked for 20+ years in the auto industry in Detroit.

Working my way through college I had many jobs, from short order cook to gas station attendant to welder to toolmaker and finally as a graphic designer working directly for GM:  with many more jobs in between.

I am not a politician! I am running because I am tired of the partisan politics that are ruining this country. I am an old school democrat, which means, I believe in strong unions, provide a system of security for people who lose their jobs or find themselves in need. I believe in education as a right for all people. I believe that our tax dollars should go to help us build better lives for ourselves and our children. I believe that being elected is a privilege. I believe that elected officials should serve the people, all the people, not themselves. Your taxes pay the salaries of the politicians, they work for you and your money should not be wasted. If you were not doing your job you would be fired!

At the moment Indiana is ranked in the lowest 1/3 of states for livability *, we can do much better. Howard County deserves better and we can do better.

I would be proud to serve this community and work diligently to build a brighter future for  Howard County and for the people who live here.

*Wall Street Journal, census data, and Gallup poll survey results

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