Ed Foster announces candidacy for Howard County Treasurer

Ed Foster wants to bring his 30 plus years of accounting and finance experience to the Howard County Treasurer's Office.

“I’m excited to get started. I’ve been a part of this community for a long time now. I’ve enjoyed doing whatever I can to make it a better place to live and raise a family. Now, with my 30 plus years of accounting and finance experience, I feel I can best serve the members of my community as their next Treasurer.”

“I want to bring a new way of doing business to the Treasurer’s office. For too long now, I believe we’ve had the same type of leadership. I’m running to try and find new ways of managing your hard earned tax dollars. Often things work a little differently in non-government organizations. I’ve learned there is no compromising when it comes to budget management, accountability and ethics. I’m running because Howard County Government could benefit more from that mindset.”

Ed Foster has served in management and supervisory roles throughout his career and has extensive experience working with Federal Healthcare Programs and other third party payers in the areas of cost reporting, auditing and reimbursement. He brings what you would expect from a seasoned treasurer and financial accountant: someone who will get the job done efficiently, and on time.


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