Dylan McHenry

My name is Dylan McHenry. I am married to my lovely wife, Rachel. We have been married for 3 and a half years. We have spent most of those years in Greentown, where we currently reside. Our story is really about how we are always at work for the next generation.
I began my time in Public Education when I was still a college student at Indiana Wesleyan University. I immediately saw very dedicated teachers who spent countless hours caring for students. My entire teaching career has been in public schools, and throughout my time I have seen and felt the need to advocate on a higher level in order to create the best future possible for our students. No matter what, a constant remains. Those in power are not hearing our voices. This year, Marion Community Schools, where I teach, received $500 less per student than it did in 2010. That’s a $1.4 million dollar decrease in funding towards public education. I have to believe we can do better for our students, and for our future.
In addition to my education family, I have also been privileged to get to know many incredible people throughout Howard and Grant County, and have seen the toll that health care costs can take on a family. Just recently, our state legislators had the opportunity to take action and lower prescription drug costs, but instead members of the house voted against better health care for Hoosier families.
I see the challenges in front of us, and I understand our needs because I live in them everyday. Together we can make our voices heard, for a better community and a better Indiana.

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