Craig Simon announces candidacy for Howard County Council, At-Large



Craig Simon officially declared his candidacy for Howard County Council At-Large Monday in a letter to supporters.

“In Howard County Government, we need visionary leaders who can bring the county into the 21st century. As it stands, many aspects of Howard County are behind the times. Part of the problem is the current County Council. Growth is dependent on a diverse group of elected leaders with a wide range of viewpoints. The Howard County Council needs a new voice, with new ideas. That’s is why I am announcing my candidacy for County Council At-Large.”

In the letter, Simon briefly highlighted what his focus will be as councilman.

“Rather than simply maintain our current standard of living, we should strive to improve it. We need to continue to pursue economic development in order to attract new businesses and residents to the county. We also need to pursue quality of life initiatives in order to make Howard County a place where people want to live. We need to make sure our young talented people do not contribute to the ‘brain drain’ by moving away.”

Born and raised in Howard County, Craig is a dedicated public servant. He will offer a new kind of leadership. He is currently the President of Kokomo's Board of Park Commissioners. Craig will represent all people and will give a fresh voice to a new generation. He is committed to his home community and strives to improve the lives of everyone.


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