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  • Sheila Pullen
    commented 2016-03-18 10:52:07 -0400
    Why is the fundraiser for Glenda Ritz not on the web site. Many of us do not do facebook or twitter. Sheila
  • Shari Chase
    commented 2016-01-16 12:14:07 -0500
    Dear Nolan,

    My name is Shari Chase. I will be running on the ticket for Chris’s vacant position and would like to meet to discuss support and what I can do to enhance the parties goals while improving our great County and State.

    Best Regards,

    Shari Chase

  • Darrin Garcia
    commented 2015-12-02 10:38:16 -0500
    Hello hope all is well. I currently live in a court, and all the people push their trash cans across the street in front of my house, so I have 6 to 7 trash cans in front of my yard every Wednesday morning, ok cool I can deal with that as I have no choice. But now your recycling program starts next week and every other Wednesday I’m gonna have 12 cans in my front yard. Where am I suppose to put mine, and how am I suppose to get out of my driveway? Come on, I supported you. Now it’s your turn to help me out. Please respond. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and how your gonna fix this problem. I’m sure I’m not the only one this problem is eating at???
  • gary rhinebarger
    commented 2015-07-20 15:52:00 -0400
    When do you hold your monthly meetings

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